Obikà Mozzarella Bar is a casual Italian restaurant, together with traditional Italian recipes and high-quality Italian handmade products, prepared “in sight” and served by drawing on inspiration from traditional sushi bars. Working with Obika’s UK communication representatives, we were asked to create content for the new South Kensington launch.

The Challenge

South Kensington was Obika’s debut site in the U.K; the challenge was to communicate the restaurants revolutionary ‘Mozzarella Bar’ concept to local customers in order to generate more table bookings and build loyal customers.

The Strategy

Together with the editorial team of THE HUB, we selected a group of Italian food lovers in London from THE HUB Facebook to dine at the restaurant and review Obika’s fresh handmade products. We filmed the experience to create unique video content that will be integrated over their social media platforms.

The Result

We created a series of videos that show potential customers around Obika, we highlighted the ambience of the restaurant and their fresh Italian cuisines. 75% of the video viewers visited Obika’s website to book a table after watching, driving a 265% rise in enquires and overall awareness from 8 week of opening